Ron is one of the most intense and dedicated people we know. His in your face and keep pushing attitude has got him and many others to a level of success that the norm does not. Want a great trainer, see Ron!

Ron White!!! What can I say, amazing, intense, knowledgable, dedicated, I could go on and on!!! I put my fitness life in this mans hands everyday and I could not be happier!!! If you want a coach who truly has your best interest at heart then go see Ron and Tried and True!!

Ron is an amazingly intense coach with the knowledge to back it up! If you want to get better at lifting weights, mobilizing, or exercise in general he’s your guy! Check this place out!

I’d been hearing, for months about Ron White’s intensity as a man and a CrossFitter. After getting to know him, I see what the fuss was all about! He truly loves what he’s doing, and has been dreaming of this opportunity for years. I’m excited to see what CF can do for me: I have some health issues that ‘limit’ my ability to do some things. Ron has already began recommending ways I can adapt/improve/prepare for my body to be the best physically that it can be. He knows his stuff! I can’t wait for Tried & True to open right in my hometown- I am excited for this opportunity for his family, and for myself :) BOOM, Brother!!